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Sunny Side Up!

Time to whip those shades out as the sun’s shining brightly for the Malaysia My Second Home program!The UK, Middle East (specifically Iran), Japan, Korea and Australia will be the targets of the Malaysia My Second Home agents in 2010. Based on records, citizens of these countries have found a liking towards Malaysia and most were driven by our soothing tropical climate as well as our very palatable currency rate.While the UK and Australia are par...

RPGT - Good or Bad

The real estate industry has ended the year of 2009 with a greater bang when the government announced its decision to revise the re-imposition of Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) where the 5% tax will only be imposed on properties disposed within the first five years of purchase, scrapping off the initial idea to tax on all properties disposals regardless of holding period. This sudden announcement rings like a sweet melody to the ears of all who d...

Advantage, Rakyat!

Effect of 23 December 2009 Announcement5% RPGT is only applicable to disposals of properties made within five years of purchase Companies and individuals are exempted from RPGT when disposals are made after the 5th year

How to Spot the Ideal Real Estate?

Spotting the ideal property may sound like a daunting task, especially when you’re blinded by the glitzy brochures collected from every show unit within sight, comparing traits like 22’ x 75’, tiled kitchen, private lifts, backyard, gated, malls, schools, the list never ends. but is there an easier way? sure is as we’ve simplified it for you to tunnel you through the maze every step along the way.

Buying A Property

Payment scheduleWith / Without Title, With BankWith / Without Title, Without BankWith / Without Title, With Bank and With Cash Purchaser

FIC Guidelines

The following is based on guidelines effective from 19 October 1997 dated 22 May 1998 as amended on 25 April 2001.

Guidelines on Withdrawal of EPF

Other than financing from a bank or financial institution, the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) currently provides two schemes of withdrawal for its depositors prior to attaining the age of 50:-

Why Seller/Buyer Need Real Estate Agent

Why does a person NEED an excellent real estate agent? Why do you need a good stockbroker, doctor, dentist, teacher, or lawyer? Because your financial well being and intellectual and physical well being depend on the QUALITY of your support team. In my personal experience , I can site example after example where the sellers have benefited by having me on their team due to my marketing, preparation advice, real estate knowledge, expertise, diligen...

What Is MRTA

Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA) is also frequently referred to Mortgage Life Insurance. MRTA helps you settle your housing loan in the event something happens to you.Although many people don't like talking about it, disability, illness or death can occur any time. MRTA will cover the unpaid portion of your loan if this happens. It gives you peace of mind and protects your family from losing a home. It provides coverage even during the con...

Property Buying Costs And Procedures In Malaysia

Property Transaction Costs In Malaysia (Simplified)Stamp Duty : 1% - 3% (By Buyer)Lawyer/Solicitor's Fees : 0.4% - 1% (By Buyer)Other Fees : MYR180 (US$49) (By Buyer)Real Estate Agent's Fees : 2% - 2.75% (By Buyer or Seller or Both)Stamp Duty(Value Of Property in MYR - Rate) First 100,000 - 1% Next 400,000 - 2% Remainder (Over 500,000) - 3%